BMW 8er Club International (B8CI) is the Worldwide Organization for the BMW 8 series car clubs and communities.


B8CI is a fully democratic Federation led by official BMW recognized E31 clubs, as well as normal E31 Clubs and communities. The aim of B8CI is to provide a communications link between all the affiliated 8 Series clubs and Communities, as well as the communication between these clubs and BMW AG, BMW Classic.


Members from the country clubs are represented in the Board as board leaders and the majority of the votes will determine the course of the federation. At least every year the board leaders join at the Annual Board Meeting.


The B8CI was founded on November 2008 in Metz (France) to establish an Worldwide Organization for their Clubs and Communities in order to better coordinate and share any future BMW 8 Series related Matters. As Democracy was an essential issue for this worldwide Organization, it was agreed to organize B8CI under the rules of an official Club with respective Statutes, also fulfilling the demands of the BMW International Council Guidelines.


Switzerland was then selected as the legal domicile for B8CI, as it offered ideal conditions for such a worldwide organization. The activities of the B8CI are considered non-profit and have no economic goals B8CI has at present 9 official registered BMW 8 Series Clubs affiliated from more than 14 countries, with more clubs waiting for approval to join.


The combined potential of  around one thousand club members benefit from activities resulting out of combined meetings and are participating in activities of this community.

Of course, new 8 series clubs are very welcome, you will find the full contact details on our contact page. Please send us your contact details, country, etc., so we can help you to reach your goals and welcome you to our fantastic organization.




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