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Press Conference BMW Group: THE NEXT 100 YEARS Harald Krueger Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG Santa Monica Air Center, 10 October 2016, 10:00 a.m.

Ladies and Gentlemen, A warm welcome from me as well. Many of our customers and fans are right here in the US. The BMW Group’s long-standing success in the US goes well beyond our products. Our commitment to this market – and the footprint we have established here – is strong and far reaching. We are also a manufacturer in this country, an employer, a purchaser of goods, a service provider, and a partner. Simply put: The US is second home to the BMW Group.

This means a lot to me personally, as well. I have many fond memories of my years at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina. I was there in 1994, when our first American-made BMW rolled off the assembly line. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. Today, Spartanburg is the largest plant in our international production network. More than 70 percent of our BMW X models we produce in the US are for export to the world. Spartanburg also shows that: Our commitment to the US is, and will remain, long term. We believe that the US will play a leading role in future mobility. I know and appreciate how open and accepting Americans are for anything new and innovative.

The State of California is rightly considered to be a pioneer in sustainability, especially when it comes to the reduction of emissions. We share a common vision for sustainable mobility. Already back in 2008 at the L.A. Auto Show, two models with innovative drivetrains had their world premieres: Our BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid and the MINI E. With the fully electric MINI E, we began the world’s largest field trial for
e-mobility, starting right here in Los Angeles back in 2009. I remember how people on the streets gave us the thumbs up for our pioneering spirit. It marked the beginning of an exciting journey. Today, the Los Angeles metropolitan area is again the perfect location for the final stop of our “Iconic Impulses” world tour. Together with you, we are opening a new chapter in the future of the BMW Group.


The desire to be on the move is ingrained in human nature. Individual mobility creates freedom and meets the personal needs of people’s daily lives. However, in our rapidly changing world – individual mobility must evolve to meet the new requirements of a modern society. Completely new solutions are needed. As the BMW Group, we want to make an effective contribution to meet the major social challenges of the
21st century.


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